Discount Plan

No Insurance? No Problem!

For our patients who don’t have the right type of insurance for Beltline Dental, we offer a discount plan for those who still want great treatment. This option is a cash-only treatment plan, which can be purchased at any time to receive the discount. The exam, fluoride routine x-rays, and prophy can be used at any time during that 1 year period – effective from the time of discount plan purchase.

$200/Year Discount Plan:

***Includes each one of the following per benefit year

Effective time of purchase:

  • 30% off ALL services for 1 year
  • Exam – Comprehensive or Periodic
  • Flouride – 1/year
  • Routine X-Rays - Due
  • Prophy – Cleaning

If you would like to go through with the discount plan, please reach out to our team today. In addition, if you have any questions about how the plan works, feel free to contact us at any time. We strive to maximize our patient’s satisfaction by delivering the very best in dental care as it has to be tailored perfectly to each patient. We are eager to meet and help you!

Call 618-235-9101 or request an appointment today online or via Facebook!

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